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Does it put Mississippi and America FIRST? 

Does it FIT our Mississippi Values? 

Does it ENHANCE the quality of life for Mississippians? 


As an eighth-generation Mississippian, I believe in protecting the principles that make our state great. As a Representative, I have fought for our shared values - protecting life, expanding our Second Amendment, cutting taxes, and defending freedom. Together, we can ensure Mississippi remains a great place to live, work, and raise a family.


The American people are sick and tired of elected officials who are bought and paid for by special interests. In Jackson, I have stood up to politicians who believe the rules and laws don't apply to them.  As your next Public Service Commissioner, I cannot be bought and will have no ulterior motives. I promise to represent the hardworking families who call North Mississippi home with integrity and transparency.

Keep Utility Rates Low, Advocate for Ratepayers, & Ensure Complaints are Heard

While Mississippi's power rate is less than the national average, there are still over a dozen states with lower rates. As a conservative businessman, I believe we should explore and expand options to creatively lower rates or give consumers choices.

As Public Service Commissioner, I will always prioritize the ratepayer and advocate to keep the cost of utilities low for our Mississippi families and businesses. At the same time, advocating for you extends beyond just monitoring rates. Many people don't understand that the function of the PSC is quasi-judicial. I will ensure your complaints are heard, investigated, and, when warranted, acted upon quickly. I believe being proactive with our infrastructure, rather than reactive, will ultimately be more cost effective creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Expand Broadband to Rural Mississippi

Whether it's education, economic development, or healthcare, high speed internet links communities to opportunity. I don't believe your zip code should limit your success. As Public Service Commissioner, I will fight to expand rural broadband through traditional and creative solutions. 

Stand Up to the Radical Left's Agenda

Washington Democrats have pushed policies that kill jobs, destroy American energy independence, and crush middle-class families. While these radical hypocrites lecture everyday Americans about gas stoves and cow flatulence, they fly private jets to climate summits and ignore massive chemical spills. As Public Service Commissioner, I will stand up to unconstitutional mandates from these "climate activist" elites. 

All of the Above, Commonsense Approach to Energy

As a businessman, I am for keeping all options on the table when it comes to our energy needs. I want Mississippi to be on the cutting edge in this space. At the same time, we have to use common sense and be realistic. During his State of the Union address, President Biden said  “We’re going to need oil for at least another decade.” It is absolutely ridiculous to think we will no longer be dependent on oil 10 years from now. It's okay to explore other supplementary options, but we need leaders and policies that reflect reality.

Stop Annoying Spam Calls

The phone is the number one method of scam contact reported by the elderly. We have a duty to protect our most vulnerable citizens. That is why I recently voted to allow our Attorney General the ability to investigate and prosecute spam calls. We must encourage our telecommunication companies to stop these calls on the front end and prosecute abusers on the back end. 

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